• Esthie

    “I am especially grateful for ––a huge source of support as an artist. It's evident that is a platform that encourages artists to reach their full potential by paying them fairly for their work. ”

  • CVBZ

    helped financially empower me to continue creating independently, without signing away parts of myself at a time of need. I truly believe this is the ideal model for independent artists to thrive and could hopefully change the landscape for us.

  • A$AP ANT

    " provides a great opportunity to creators who have been successful in building their celebrity while maintaining ownership of their intellectual property. The ability to draw value from our work is essential for creators as we continue to grow independently. I believe in the model and look forward to doing more work with them."

  • Gatton

    "My independence as an artist has always been one of my top priorities. I love that I am able to maintain that independence while having the financial stability from working with . It feels like a win win!”

  • Bjéar

    "I'm so thankful that discovered one of my songs and reached out to me. As an independent artist, receiving a substantial lump sum payout is a rarity, but it's incredibly helpful when trying to finance an album. What truly impressed me was their offer to allow me to retain a percentage of my royalties moving forward."


    " purchased rights to 2 of my older tracks which gave me some financial flexibility to finish new material."

  • Adrian Daniel

    "The music industry is changing and its time for artist to be able to finally benefit from their work, time and effort. Companies like make it possible for artist to receive capitol for their work without having to give up their entire back and future catalogs."

  • Yung Tide

    "Selling a song can often turn into a daunting experience. However, has revolutionized the process, making it incredibly swift and effortless. The team addressed all my challenging inquiries, leaving no question unanswered. Without a doubt, I will continue to rely on their services for my upcoming tracks."

  • Bazanji

    was a pleasure to work with. They made the process of selling my song very seamless and straightforward.”

  • Croosh

    “I think 's business model is perfect for independent artists like myself. It feels like an even exchange between artist and company, which you don't see much of in the music industry.”

  • ZieZie

    “The song I signed to was just a record I dropped through a paid distributor with no intentions of it going crazy early stages of my career. Duetti wrote me a cheque that helped me move forward with new music investments in all departments.”

  • Sylvan LaCue

    “The cool thing about is that you can get fair deals for individual songs on your own terms. Working with them was great because I could negotiate the sale of singles at a premium level instead of forfeiting rights to an entire catalog of music. I like the idea of being selective about how I do business. Artists deserve that right.”

  • Madison Rose

    "By strategically partnering with on a track of mine, while maintaining full control of the rest of my catalogue, we both are in for a huge win on terms we all can feel happy about. does exactly what I need, putting money in my pocket and marketing my work while leaving the art to me and my vision."

  • Bodega Bamz

    “I had a great experience working with . With their help we were able to clear my record, everybody got paid and now they are marketing it to a brand new audience.”

  • Johnny 2 Phones

    “A genuine team that was transparent with their business and patient with us.”

  • Luke Mitrani

    "Working with has been a great experience, stoked to have my music in good hands!"

  • David Correy

    "As an artist, independence is my top priority and supports that. I have maintained a level of self sustainability in my career, and has helped create a niche way for me to have the ability to invest in my catalog and sell to create new future business opportunities financially for my career."

  • Nathan Angelo

    "It was a pleasure working with the team. They were transparent and respectful throughout the process and had a good vision for moving "Til I'm Ninety Nine" forward. I would certainly recommend Duetti to other artist friends."

  • Blane Howard

    " really is a wonderful concept, and I think it's great that they are working with and supporting independent artists like me, who don't have access to the financial benefits of a major label promo team. I look forward to working closely with them as they help independent artists get the recognition they deserve."


    " gave us an opportunity to leverage our back catalog for the future of our music, without sacrificing our independence. We owe so much of our excitement for our future to our partnership with ."

  • Front Country

    "As a band who found itself no longer touring, selling a previously released track while maintaining a portion of the ownership was the right move for our business. was easy to work with, efficient and offered a fair and artist friendly deal."

  • YouSane

    "As an artist who is strong on being independent, it's essential to explore all available options and choose the ones that align with my vision. I appreciate in its entirety for what they are doing for artists. By signing with , I am able to open up my network and expand in music promotion while getting paid an appreciable amount for tracks off my catalog."

  • Near Tears

    "As a small independent artist, I never even considered the opportunity to sell my catalogue and give my songs new life. is doing something really interesting and new, and I'm proud to be working with them. I also love that I have the option to maintain a percentage of my earnings."

  • Whxami

    " is very professional in supporting artists coming up independently."

  • dj-nate

    " has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals as an artist. Their platform offers the perfect balance of creative control and financial stability, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – my music."

  • Three Tall Pines

    "We’re an independent artist group and have been interested in expanding our digital footprint in the marketplace. Partnering with gave us access to an excellent team with expertise in supporting this effort while helping us fund our next album."

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