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Started by TIDAL's former COO and other streaming executives, Duetti exists to give artists serious cash for their catalogs. Choose the tracks you want to sell, and get paid upfront.

“Duetti helped me move forward with new music investments”


“You don't see much of this in the music industry.”


"It feels like a win win!"


"I believe in the model."


“I'm especially grateful for .”


"Very seamless and straightforward."


"Duetti is providing me with a building block to be the artist I have always dreamed of being."

Madison Rose

"You can get fair deals for individual songs on your own terms."

Sylvan LaCue

"Stoked to have my music in good hands!"

Luke Mitrani

"Duetti helped financially empower me to continue creating independently."


"As an artist, independence is my top priority and Duetti supports that."

David Correy

"I had a great experience working with ."

Bodega Bamz

"I would certainly recommend Duetti to other artist friends."

Nathan Angelo

"Duetti was easy to work with, efficient and offered a fair and artist friendly deal."

Front Country
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Why Duetti?
  • Get cash for as many masters as you want

  • Choose the percentage (up to 50%) that you keep

  • Get transparent, data-driven, offers

  • See growth when Duetti works tracks on our dime

  • Get cash in under 30 days

How It Works
  • Step 1
    Meet the team

    Send us an email to set up a meeting with the team.

  • Step 2
    Get an offer

    We run your data and put together a proposal if there is a fit.

  • Step 3
    Sign the deal

    Choose the tracks and percentages to sell.

We focus on tracks that are 2+ years old with 500K+ streams per year

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